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quoteComplete application visibility in real-time and forensics made easy for the cloud.- Ivan Lorenz, Software Engineer, Casa Ametller

Simple Log Management

Instant Log Access.
Just a Click Away.

Query all your logs in seconds

Simple search with visual navigation and highlighted key fields; centralized, real-time log data aggregation and correlation.

Monitor your logs in real-time

Set custom thresholds, integrate with external systems, and alert on critical events for anomalies and patterns of inactivity.

Tail multiple log streams

Automatically filter, route, and monitor log streams for important exceptions across all your apps, servers and devices.

Where Unlimited Meets Easy.

Only pay for what you use

Only pay for what you use

Unlimited, on-demand log analysis

All your logs in one place

All your logs in one place

Easy access, easy analysis, easy answers

Unlimited log ingestion

Unlimited log ingestion

Any format, any source, any system

Smarter Technology. Smarter Community.

  • Plug & play dashboards, alerts and custom queries from a global Community of 35,000+ users.
  • Monitor huge amounts of log data and automatically track abnormal system and application events.
  • Group notifications, team annotations and shareable dashboards for faster issue resolution.
Smarter Community

quote Faster log search. Better log access. Smarter log analytics! - Kevin Behrens, Web Developer, QN Solutions

Broadest Platform Support & an Open API

Open API

Plug into all of your existing tools and systems

Cloud, mobile, OS, DB

We can support all log formats, platforms, languages and frameworks

What Is the Docker Stats API?

By: Trevor Parsons

Containerization and micro-services are changing how development and operations teams design, build and monitor systems. Containerization of environments regularly results in systems with large numbers of dynamic and ephemeral instances that autoscale to meet demands on system load. In fact, …

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A Note From Our
Chief Scientist

Trevor Parsons

Trevor Parsons, PhD

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

We believe in the power of log data and the critical insight it provides to understand distributed system behavior, application performance, and end user experience in an increasingly cloud-centric world. The modern Dev and IT Ops “toolkit” needs a log analytics service built for cloud-based environments — easy-to-use with unlimited log data centralization, real-time monitoring and alerting, and community driven analytics. And, our open API enables you to connect to virtually anything. We are here to do the hard work for you. Let me know what you think @trevparsons

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