Case Studies

Case Studies


Innotas uses Logentries to follow customer issues through the entire application stack without ever touching the production environment.


Motus uses Logentries to aggregate and manage all of their log data across its services platform running on multiple virtual servers.

CrossFit, Inc.

“Logentries substantially shortcut the time to root cause analysis and target acquisition, which is pretty awesome."


As a cloud-based service, FieldAware needs complete visibility across their infrastructure and applications...

Loyola University

Whenever the tech services team at Loyola received an outage notification from an end user, they had to scroll through thousands of lines of text to get the information they needed...


With technical developers as the primary end users of JFrog’s services, they need to be up and running 100% of the time so users can meet tight deadlines and sprint deliverables...


The BrightWorks team knew the business depended on its ability to monitor, track and troubleshoot application issues in real-time, before they reached the end users...

Happy Bits

The IT Ops team at Happy Bits works tirelessly to make sure their application is resilient to errors. However, some things are out of their control...

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