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FieldAware uses Logentries to centralize logs from across machines and servers, and diagnose root cause of end user issues and support tickets.

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About FieldAware

FieldAware is a SaaS service offering real-time support to companies with field workforces. The FieldAware service provides scheduling and dispatching work orders and pushing them out to mobile phones.

quote Logentries enables us to easily search and filter to cut down to the essential pieces of information we need when debugging an issue. Tilman Schaefer, Operations Engineer, FieldAware


As a cloud-based service, FieldAware needs complete visibility across their infrastructure and application to assure ongoing performance and end user experience. Fieldaware was looking for a log management and analytics solution that could be used across the Operations and Development teams to help in both auditing and tracking log data on the Ops side, and for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting on the Dev side. The FieldAware Development team wanted a tool to help with fast investigation when issues occurred so they could understand the code path that was taken and the values that were in use at that particular time to recreate the issue. The FieldAware Operations team wanted a log management service that would assure an audit trail when customer-specific issues arose and data was changed or information was lost; when this occurs, they need to a reliable way to access the logs to recover the critical information. The team had been using Splunk Storm and experienced significant overhead from the costs of this solution and the hours that their engineers needed to dedicate to managing it.


The FieldAware team decided they wanted a cloud-based service for log management and analytics and found Logentries to be incredibly easy to set up and integrate into their existing stack and tools. “We were looking for a hosted solution as we didn’t want to spend engineering time on setting up and maintaining our own log searching cluster. The initial set-up and integration with Logentries was straightforward, and the Web UI is easy and responsive,” said Tilman Schaefer, Operations Engineer.

quote The Logentries initial set-up was straightforward and the web UI is extremely easy to navigate.

Today, the FieldAware team is using Logentries for real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnostics. They have split their hosts up into sub groups including production, demo, staging, and QA, and are able to manage all hosts in the aggregated live tail view which they say is “an essential feature to correlate effectively.”

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