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Happy Bits

Happy Bits uses Logentries to aggregate and analyze log data to better understand application performance for their end users.

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About Happy Bits

Happy Bits develops mobile apps to share videos instantly with friends through messenger and easily integrates with all the popular messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, and Google+.

quote We work tirelessly to make our application resilient to errors. However, some things are out of our control, which can make debugging a nightmare in the wild.John Leohrer, DevOps, Happy Bits


To get the best performance possible from a mobile phone, Happy Bits utilizes the custom native hardware codecs provided by the manufacturer for video recording and playback. These are accessed on Android through the JNI, and often push out obscure exceptions that are different across devices and very difficult to track and manage.

Additionally, Happy Bits has several C libraries that enable cross-platform development between Android and iOS (for the really tricky video streaming and compression tasks) to keep their logic consistent. The remainder of their application is platform specific. Java for Android; Objective-C for iOS. Their backend server utilizes a python stack on EC2.

Like most apps, Happy Bits encounters the occasional error. Sometimes these errors are subtle and are simply an anomaly in the data; other times they are more serious. In the past they would see this data show up in reports, but didn’t have any method to determine how, or why.

John felt they were circling around the problems. Prior to using a log management service, John and his team would launch new features and then just “wait and see” what bugs developed. Once the bugs showed up, they would fix and re-release. Between all the tracking and re-releasing, debugging was taking 3-4 days. John knew there must be a better way to manage their development process and experimented with several different tools including Crashlytics, New Relic, MixPanel, and Logentries.


Happy Bits realized that to decrease their time to resolution, they needed a log management tool with very granular visibility into exactly what was occurring with their apps and their end users. Using the Logentries platform, they were able to highlight particular time periods, and “zero-in” on the logs they needed to identify, quickly see the context of the bugs, and resolve in minutes.

After implementing log management and analytics using Logentries, John is now able to get quick answers, and instantly pass along his findings using shareable dashboards. John estimates that debugging now takes 5-10 minutes; and both his boss and his customers are noticing the difference.

quote Being able to aggregate your logs makes them extremely powerful, and the ability to narrow down the results to examine the context of the bug, and link results with the click of a button is really valuable to our team.

John uses a variety of tools for managing operations, but knows he can turn to Logentries when he needs to get to the data in real-time to resolve an issue. “Aggregated data and pretty graphs are nice, but are no substitute for raw logging of each step that happens along the way. Those log dashboards allow us to reconstruct a timeline in our heads.”

John believes that every IT and Dev Ops team needs log data and insight to unlock valuable information about their business.

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