Researchers and computer scientists at Logentries, and other global institutions, are leading the charge at making machine-generated log data more accessible and useful. We’re proud to be part of this community.

The Research Leadership Team

Trevor Parsons Ph.D

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Viliam Holub Ph.D

Benoit Gaudin Ph.D

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John Murphy Ph.D

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Research Highlights

Big Insights from little Data: A Spotlight on Unlocking Insights from the Log Data That Matters

The research team analyzed over 22 billion events produced across a 14 day period by 6000 Heroku apps, which make up a sample of the Logentries user base. The team analyzed these events from the perspective of a DevOps professional, someone responsible for building and running cloud applications. They determined that a significant amount of the most useful and actionable data for a given use case goes unnoticed, because it is a vanishingly small percentage of the overall dataset.
Authors: Benoit Gaudin and Trevor Parsons
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Additional Research

Scalable Run-Time Correlation Engine for Monitoring in a Cloud Computing Environment

17th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK, 22-26 March, 2010 Authors: Miao Wang, Viliam Holub, Trevor Parsons, John Murphy and Patrick O’Sullivan
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Real-time Correlation Engine for System Monitoring and Testing

In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications Barcelona, Spain June 15-19, 2009 Authors: Viliam Holub, Trevor Parsons, John Murphy and Patrick O’Sullivan
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Extracting Interactions in Component Based Systems

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, preprint, 05 Aug 2008. IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. IEEE Computer Society Authors: Trevor Parsons, Adrian Mos, Mircea Trofin, Thomas Gschwind, John Murphy
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A Control Theory Based Approach for Self-Healing of Un-Handled Runtime Exceptions

8th International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2011) Authors: Benoit Gaudin, Emil Vassev, Mike Hinchey, Paddy Nixon
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Implementation of a Linux Log-Structured File System with a Garbage Collector

Details about the work of graduate students in the course Software project – a Linux implementation of log-structured filesystem; Jan 2007 Authors: Martin Jambor, Tomas Hruby, Jan Taus, Kuba Krchak and Viliam Holub
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