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Joyent Log Monitoring Joyent is a High-performance Cloud Infrastructure for Real-time Web and Mobile applications.

Create a Joyent account ready to go

Welcome Joyent users. At Logentries we provide an easy to set up logging solution for your applications. Create your account to get started. If you already have an account, simply follow the instructions below on different methods to log to Logentries from Joyent.

For System Logs: Use the agent

We provide an agent that can be installed on your Joyent instance and used to send logs to Logentries. See full instructions on installing it on every Joyent-supported operating system including SmartOS.

For Application Logs: NodeJS

Joyent’s services are commonly used by NodeJS application developers due to their exclusive debugging and performance analysis tools.

NodeJS Custom Logs

We have a NodeJS library that can be installed using npm and used to log your own messages from your Nodejs application and send them to Logentries. See instructions for nodejs on using this library.

DTrace Support

Joyent’s SmartOS comes pre-configured with DTrace for a more thorough look into your software stack. We have a library which integrates with DTrace scripts to let you stream the results of your analysis to Logentries. The library can be found on GitHub repository.
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