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Shareable Dashboards

Shareable Dashboards enable you to publish log data visualizations out to your team, and across your organization, to create one single data source for system and application performance. Shareable Dashboards allow for saved searches and analytics visualizations to also be shared via JSON or plugged into an existing centralized monitoring services.

Currently Logentries supports sharing out to:
Hosted Graphite 

Building a Dashboard

To build a dashboard, a saved search must be created.  To save a search, first navigate to the log file that you would like to set-up the search on.   Type in the search parameters in the search box and then click on the star icon to save the search:

Once the search has been saved, you can navigate to Dashboards from  the Insights menu at the top of your Logentries screen.

The following steps walk you through how to create a visualization for the Saved Search.
  • First, click “New Chart” in the upper right corner of the Dashboard page.
  • On the first screen, select a name and the previously Saved Search.

After selecting the search, click Continue and select the log files within your Logentries account you want this graph to search across.

Finally, select the type of chart you want to depict.

Sharing Dashboards

To share a dashboard, click the down arrow control on the graph that you wish to share and choose “Share”

By clicking on Share, you will be given a URL that you can now utilize in third party dashboards or other tools.   

JSON Output

When copying the URL from the share dialog, if you paste the URL into an open browser window, you’ll be presented with something similar to the following:

"colour":"#FFA500", //color of the line
"axisx":["17:39:35","17:49:35"], //time frame of report and graph
"axisy":[12,12] // min and max of values
"item":[12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0,12.0] //values of chart data

When exporting data from Logentries dashboards, information is exported in JSON format.  JSON (which stands for JavaScript Object Notation) allows Logentries servers to not only send but parse data in an easily readable key value pair (KVP) format.  This information can be imported into any other shareable dashboard or utilized in an on-premise custom dashboard.  
Please note: We currently don’t support exporting Logentries function information when exporting data in JSON format (e.g., COUNT, AVERAGE, etc.)

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