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The Logentries Heroku Insights provide out of the box views into your Heroku log data. A simple way to access and view Heroku errors, events, exceptions and other important information. All without a manual or time consuming search.

Intelligent Log Management & Analytics for Heroku:

  • Plugs into Heroku’s Logplex to collect App, System and API logs.
  • Automatically tag and categorize Heroku business & operational events.
  • Email & web hook notifications pre-configured for Heroku events
  • Find critical Heroku information with search, tagging, graphing and dashboards.
  • And more…

What our customers are saying

Whether it’s UFC 170 or an NFL playoff game, we rely on Logentries to provide us with quick and easy access to the individual errors, application exceptions and other log events we need, without wading through unnecessary information that isn’t relevant to our application.

Craig Heneveld, Director of Technology at Adept Mobile


To ensure stellar customer service at docTrackr, it is crucial for us to be informed instantly if there is an error in our document processing engines. With the insights we get from Logentries, we can improve our service and reduce error rates across different backend systems, especially Amazon Web Services.

Alex Negera, CTO & Cofounder


At Codeship we use logentries and their incredible heroku integration every day. Their automated events tell us when something goes wrong on heroku and as we integrated logentries into all of our backend servers we can follow any event or transaction through all of our infrastructure. Saves us a ton of time when we need to debug.

Moritz Plassnig, CEO



Automated Scaling of Heroku Dynos

Automatically log Adept Scale events to Logentries and evaluate all of your Logentries in a single location.

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RabbitMQ as a Service

Capture Heroku cloud performance information in your logs without any complex setup or configuration.

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Reliable and Powerful Database-As-As-Service Based on Heroku Postgres

Users can view Heroku Postgres log errors and performance issues in a single dashboard and perform deeps dive to investigate specific errors automatically tagged by Logentries.

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Heroku Postgres

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