Logentries Integrates Server Metrics with Log Data for Real-time Visibility into System Performance and Capacity

Monitor critical server statistics and auto-generate log data for real-time alerting, visualized trending and deep performance insight

June 17, 2014

Boston, Massachusetts (June 17, 2014) – Logentries, a leading SaaS service for log management and log analytics, today introduced server monitoring metrics integrated with machine generated log data for real-time correlation. Unlike traditional server monitoring services and log management solutions, Logentries is providing a single view of server metrics integrated with both client- and server- side log data as well as application level performance metrics to give a complete end-to-end view of system performance. The Logentries Windows and Linux agents actively track server CPU, server memory (total and active), disk I/O, and network activity, automatically creating server metrics logs that can be monitored, analyzed, and archived.

Many development and operations teams use multiple tools to understand what is happening across all servers, applications and end users. Logentries now provides users with a single view of server monitoring unified with existing monitoring and analytics using auto-generated log files. By utilizing logs to capture key server metrics, users can easily drill down to get a fine-grained view into issues or particular actions to understand root cause and deeper context around the events that matter to the business. The Logentries service applies its unique pre-processing engine to these server logs and enables users to easily build dashboards, custom tagging and alerting on the real-time data.

Some of the most valuable server metrics that can be collected, analyzed and alerted on using log data include:

  • CPU usage
  • Memory (active and available)
  • Network activity (sent and received)
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Disk activity
  • Data consumption per user

“It is incredibly valuable to our team to be able to look at our existing log data, like exceptions and errors, integrated with server resource usage information,” said Wes Shaddix, Solution Architect, Web.com. “Logentries now gives us the ability to look at multiple sources of information through a single dashboard when we are identifying and resolving performance issues.”

“As we work to connect our users to all of their data sources and systems using logs, we know that server monitoring is an important element to overall system health and performance,” said Trevor Parsons, Co-founder and Chief scientist at Logentries. “Bringing server monitoring data together with log-level metrics for system-wide monitoring provides users with an all-in-one viewpoint.”

Using logs to understand server health and performance enables customers to create real-time alerts when server resources are running above or below a specified threshold level. Additionally, once these logs are analyzed, Logentries offers valuable visualizations of current or historical data to understand performance trends over time. As operations team look across all system performance metrics, the inclusion of server log data enables them to correlate resource usage metrics with important transactions within application files to identify problems or notable events.

The Logentries service features a unique pre-processing engine that collects and analyzes log files in real-time offering immediate alerting, visualizations, and tailing of the data. There is no complex query language required, making searching the data easy and intuitive with click-through navigation. For larger, auto-scaling, environments, Logentries provides a secure, business-class service that includes dynamic routing, unlimited archiving and filtering for private information.

To learn more visit the Logentries documentation page, or to sign up for the free Logentries service today visit https://logentries.com.

About Logentries
Logentries is the most connected log management and analytics service, making business insights from machine-generated log data easily accessible to development, IT and business operations teams of all sizes. While traditional log management and analytics solutions require advanced technical skills to use, and are costly to set-up, Logentries provides an alternative designed for managing huge amounts of data, visualizing insights that matter, and sharing that information across its global user community. With the broadest platform support and an open API, Logentries brings the value of log-level data to any system, to any team member, and to a community of more than 35,000 worldwide users. To sign up for the free Logentries service, visit www.logentries.com.

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