Logentries Releases Pixel tracking For Improving Application and Website Performance

New free service extension provides deep insights for real user monitoring

March 20, 2014

Boston, Massachusetts (March 20, 2014) – Logentries, a leading SaaS service for log management and log analytics, today announced the launch of new pixel image tracking for monitoring and analyzing website and application user behavior. With this free service extension, Logentries users can more fully understand and optimize user experiences in real-time and obtain deep insights into how their applications and websites are performing.

Many organizations today lack visibility into the actual activities and events of a website visitor or an application user. From page load time, to specific user actions, to application performance problems, business managers and IT operations need to have a detailed understanding of what is happening online with their end users. Key metrics beyond visits, page views and summary click information are required to fully understand and improve application performance.

“As the traditional barriers between development, operations and sales and marketing continue to dissolve, organizations are recognizing operational data and application insights need to be accessible and shared across job functions,” said Andrew Burton, CEO and President of Logentries. “With Logentries, the value and benefits of log data is no longer limited to developers and IT staff. New capabilities such as pixel tracking for improving application performance highlight how log analytics can be used by virtually anyone.”

Unlike traditional client-side JavaScript logging, the Logentries service features pixel tracking to support encoded payloads of event information, enabling users to precisely track and monitor visitors across websites and within applications. By creating unique payloads attached to the URL of a pixel image loaded in a user’s browser, the pixel tracking feature easily tracks what a visitor is doing, where they are clicking, and their referral identification.

Multiple image tags can be used to control what data is captured and where it is sent to within the Logentries service. This incoming data is centralized and tracked to monitor and trend activity, and to trigger customized notifications about specific events and performance issues. With this log data insight, users understand website visitor behavior, such as the flow of the visitor across the site, as well as persistent performance issues including page load time or broken application features.

Learn more about the new Logentries pixel tracking capability at https://logentries.com/doc/pixel-tracker/. Start your free Logentries service today: www.logentries.com.

About Logentries
Logentries is a leading SaaS-delivered log management and analytics service, developed to make machine-generated log data easily accessible to developers, operations, and business analytics customers. While traditional log management and analytics solutions require advanced technical skills to use, and are costly to set-up, Logentries provides an accessible alternative for managing huge amounts of data, visualizing insights that matter, and sharing that information across the business. With more than 20,000 users in over 100 countries, Logentries is processing billions of events everyday. To sign up for the free Logentries service, visit www.logentries.com.

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