Community Packs

Logentries Community Packs

Plug & play visibility into the logs that matter the most

Logentries Community Packs offer free, out-of-the-box tools for users to quickly access the log types that matter the most to their business. Using the new Community Packs, users can immediately extract important information from increasing volumes of log data without any time-consuming set-up. Logentries Community Packs were built for the most popular log management and analytics use cases across the global Logentries Community of more than 35,000 users. The Community Packs include: AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, Server Monitoring, Windows Security Events, Heroku, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Ruby on Rails, and

With Logentries Community Packs for Ops and Development, users can:
  • Import a Pack in minutes and get immediate access to automated queries with pre-built tags, real-time alerts, and data visualization dashboards.
  • Easily modify the open JSON format to customize a Community Pack for specific user requirements.
  • Publish the modified Packs into the Logentries Community to share learning with other users managing similar applications and environments.