Logentries’ and Diamond Integration

Logentries' and Diamond Integration

Collect critical server metrics using Diamond and automatically correlate across broader system and application performance

The Logentries Diamond Plug-in enables IT and Dev Ops teams to easily collect critical resource usage and performance data, including CPU, memory, network, i/o, load and disk metrics, and automatically correlate it with application log data. Some of the popular Diamond collectors of metrics for software components include Hadoop, Mongo, Kafka, MySQL, NetApp, RabbitMQ, Redis, and AWS S3. With this integration, users can better understand historical trends and important events such as spikes in resource usage. Logging with Diamond offers deeper analysis, real-time alerting and automated graphing with important server monitoring metrics, and easy correlation with other log data sources for better root cause analysis and performance optimization.

Using Logentries’ Diamond Plug-in, you can:
  • Monitor and alert on important Diamond metrics such as CPU, memory, i/o, and disk.
  • Examine resource usage on a per machine or group basis over time.
  • Correlating changes in resource usage with specific application events for performance optimization.