Real-time Log Parsing Using Regex

Regular Expression Field Extraction

Support for Logs in Any Format: Understand application usage and key performance indicators for any system or platform

Unlimited, real-time log parsing enables users to define and identify field values using named capture groups from almost any log format from structured, to semi-structured, to completely unstructured. Users can easily group, name, and perform advanced analytics for deeper understanding and assurance of application performance, user experience, and cross-system behavior. Users no longer need to configure logs into a known format and can immediately analyze and trend key data points such as website response times, http status codes, sales and marketing transactions, and important security events.

With Logentries real-time log parsing, you can:
  • Identify important pieces of information or metrics in logs from any device or system, in any format.
  • Use standard RE2 Regex syntax and named capture groups to identify and work with key metrics in your logs.
  • Use logs in any format for advanced search and analytics functions including ‘Group by,’ ‘Count,’ ‘Sum,’ ‘Average,’ ‘Count Unique ‘ etc.
  • Save queries and build dashboards for logs produced by any system component (custom, database, web server, firewall, router) on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.).