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Adding Users

This quick video tutorial will walk you through adding a user and configuring a restricted team.

Step-by-Step: Adding Users

  1. Log into your Logentries account or Create an Account.
  2. Click on the silhouette of a person on the left side nav and then click on “Accounts”.
  3. Click the “Users” tab.
  4. Click the “Add a new user” button.
  5. Enter an email address that you would like to invite.
  6. Click “SAVE CHANGES”.
  7. Click on the “INVITED” link to see the status of your invitation.
  8. You’re done! For additional support, contact

Step-by-Step: Adding a Team

  1. On the “Users” tab of the account management page, click on the “TEAMS” link.
  2. Click on the “Add a new team” button.
  3. Name the team.
  4. Optional: Apply read-only permissions to this team by checking the “Restrict Team?” box.
  5. Choose the members of your account that should be a member of this team.
  6. Click “SAVE CHANGES”.
  7. All set! For additional support, contact

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