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Docker Packs 1

The Docker Pack provides enhanced visibility into Docker container logs with saved queries, real-time alerting and visualizations.

Docker Pack

The Docker Pack provides out-of-the-box queries, tags, alerts and dashboards for log data and container stats collected from your Docker environment. The pack is designed to be used with the Docker Logentries container which uses the Docker Stats API (available with Docker 1.5) to stream container level metrics (e.g. CPU, Memory, Network) as well as your container log data into Logentries. Specifically, the Docker Pack contains:

Specifically, the Docker Pack contains:

  • Saved Queries: Queries for determining total number of containers created, started, stopped and killed, along with queries for identifying containers and images using the most CPU and memory.
  • Tags and Alerts: Tags and alerts notify you of container events, when memory usage is trending up and when you’ve reached maximum CPU.
  • Dashboards: Customized timeline graphs and bar charts provide a detailed overview of network activity across all containers, visualizes average CPU and memory usage for all images and containers and displays a count of container events distributed by event type.

- Logentries Account - Don't have a Logentries Account? Sign up for a free account
- Docker-Logentries Container installed.

You can contribute to the contents of this Pack or submit a new pack by creating a GitHub Pull Request.
- Please see the GitHub Repository here:
- For instructions on how to create and format packs please see the documentation.

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