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OwnTracks Packs 1

OwnTracks with Mosquitto

We’ve developed an OwnTracks pack that can be installed from your Logentries dashboard, so that you don’t have to start your OwnTracks log analysis from scratch.

This Pack contains the following:

  • Dashboard: A dashboard including a series of timeline graphs and bar charts used to analyze historical data such as: Battery Level, Average Accuracy, Average Velocity, and Altitude.
  • Saved Queries: Searches to help you investigate key OwnTracks metrics.
  • Tags and Alerts: Tags highlight instances of important events. These tags can quickly be configured as basic alerts, anomaly alerts and inactivity alerts to highlight low battery levels, entering a geofence region, and leaving geofence region.

- Logentries Account - Don't have a Logentries Account? Sign up for a free account

You can contribute to the contents of this pack or submit a new pack by creating a GitHub Pull Request.
- Please see the GitHub Repository here:
- For instructions on how to create and format packs please see the documentation.

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