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Python Packs 1

Python APM Pack

The Python APM Pack is designed to work with the metrics extension available in Logentries’ Python Library ( The Pack comes with preconfigured alert tags, saved searches and dashboard widgets to give users application-level performance insights like CPU load, memory usage, and method execution time.

This Pack contains the following:

  • Saved Queries: This Pack includes saved queries for calculating average execution time and CPU usage per method.
  • Tags and Alerts: This Pack includes alert tags for high CPU load and when memory limits are being reached.
  • Dashboards: This Pack includes dashboard widgets for average execution time per method, average CPU per method and average CPU for a single method.

- Logentries Account - Don't have a Logentries Account? Sign up for a free account
- User must be using Logentries’ Python Library

You can contribute to the contents of this Pack or submit a new pack by creating a GitHub Pull Request.
- Please see the GitHub Repository here:
- For instructions on how to create and format packs please see the documentation.

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