Logentries Feature Walkthrough

Learn how to collect, manage, monitor & analyze your logs. Are you ready to take control and get the most value from your log data? Join engineer Justin Buchanan as he demonstrates exactly how to use Logentries for successful log management and analytics.

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2 Use Cases for Using Logs in Incident Response

Join OpsGenie CEO Berkay Mollamustafaoglu and Logentries on September 28th as we discuss the benefit of high synergy between IT incident response and log management systems.

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Logentries REST API Webinar

Learn how the Logentries APIs can help solve common challenges.
Now you can get your work done even faster with the Logentries REST API. Register to watch Logentries Product Manager Justin Buchanan demonstrate how to solve common issues by using the Logentries APIs.

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Introducing The Logentries CLI

Learn about the Logentries CLI and how to get started using it today.
Register to watch Logentries Product Manager Justin Buchanan and Customer Support Engineer Rigen Mehilli demonstrate how to retrieve log events, run queries, manage users/teams and more using the Logentries CLI.

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Tableau Server Log Analytics: Easily Monitor Your Data Analytics Stack Webinar

Over a few short years, Tableau has changed the way employees use data to make better business decisions. Thanks to Tableau’s robust set of admin capabilities, administrators are now empowered to change the way traditional business intelligence software is managed. In this webinar, we explored how to develop a simple technology stack for next-gen management of Tableau.

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How to Easily Send and Use your IoT Data in the Cloud

Are you ready to take control and get the most value from your Internet of Things data? Watch Rapid7 Consulting Software Architect David Tracey as he discusses how to easily capture, aggregate, analyze and alert on your IoT data.

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Monitoring Business Critical Events

In this webinar, produced by Logentries and VictorOps, we share strategies for monitoring business-critical events and share specific examples you can apply to your workflow.

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Best Logging Practices for 2016

In this webinar, Logentries engineer Justin Buchanan and product manager Matt Kiernan discuss best practices and introduce some of Logentries’ newest features for giving you more control over your data.

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Ensuring Docker Success with Real-time Monitoring

As your IT and Dev Ops teams build out your Docker environments, it’s important to collect container-level metrics. It’s also necessary to be able to correlate them across your entire environment, both in testing and production. Real time monitoring of your container environment allows you to optimize the performance of both individual containers as well as their relationships to other layers of the environment.

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Migrating to Container-based Microservices Architecture

You’ve been hearing about the benefits of containers and microservices for months, but what are the first steps to actually migrating to a containerized environment – and what are some of the most common challenges you should be aware of?

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