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Instantly search & track your most important log events as they happen.

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Aggregate, filter & alert on your log streams in real-time.

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Analyze log streams across your entire stack for reliable IT & Dev Ops.

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Features that Logentries Customers Love to Use

Inactivity Alerts

24/7 monitoring & real-time alerting when critical system and application events suddenly halt or change behavior.

Anomaly Alerts

Real-time alerting based on deviations from important patterns and log events.

Unlimited S3 Access

Send unlimited data to S3 and retrieve it for on-demand analysis.

Query Functions

Count, sum, average, and group events for detailed calculations and analysis.

Custom Tags

Easily spot and track important events such as fatal errors, 404s, and online sales transactions.

Live Tail

Monitor log events as they occur, with zero delay.

RegEx Extraction

Easily search by keyword or use regular expressions for advanced pattern matching.

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