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Case Study


Logentries empowers TrackIf’s small engineering team to perform production monitoring and debugging in real-time.

About TrackIf

TrackIf provides price tracking on more than 4 million products from more than 1,500 online shopping sites, alerting customers when their favorite products drop in price.

quote We were constantly running into the same issue – pinpointing specific events when errors arose was difficult and time consuming. We knew there was a better solution out there. Nick Andren, Developer, TrackIf


Nick Andren is one of only five members of TrackIf’s engineering team. Nick’s responsibilities include building TrackIf’s backend platform and ensuring the data moving through the application is accurate. Having a small team often meant that debugging issues stopped things in their tracks, sometimes taking hours for them to manually grep logs and search for clues as to what was causing the issue. Nick and his team knew there had to be a more automated and scalable solution for debugging issues.

quote With Logentries, we can add specific exception errors into our application and see them come through our dashboard in real-time, which makes a huge difference. We’re able to save a few hours with each case we handle.


When the TrackIf team decided to search for a log management and analytics solution, they simply asked their industry peers for recommendations. “We heard Logentries was a new service that did exactly what we were looking for,” explained Nick. “The price was right, live-tail searching was a big plus and being able to handle different log formats made it an easy decision.”

While the TrackIf team first chose Logentries for debugging with live-tail search, they’ve since expanded their use-cases to include graphing their log data and setting real-time alerts to notify them of key events. Nick and his team now leverage both the Logentries dashboard and open API for daily debugging and production monitoring.

quote Logentries is robust enough to handle anything you throw at it and brings a lot of features to the table.

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