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Recently Updated

Query Builder

The updated Query Builder replaces our legacy search bar to feature “Simple” and “Advanced” modes. While “Advanced” mode gives users the freedom to write queries free-form, “Simple” mode offers dropdown menus and auto-complete fields making it easy for users to select key value pairs and calculate complex functions without learning a new query language. The Query Builder also features a syntax validator to confirm when your query is properly composed.

Recently Updated

Date Picker

The date picker is undergoing several updates to make it easier for users to select specific time frames for easy, accurate searching. In addition to providing more options for indicating a range of time, future updates will include a history of past searches for easy reference.

Design in Progress...

Consistent Header

With an updated, consistent header, a user’s account information will be accessible with one click, making it easier to track usage, add users, setup S3 archiving and more.

More to Come...