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Application Usage Analytics

Track Application Usage with Log-level Analysis

Log data can provide a real-time, 24/7 view into application performance and usage across client devices, locations and end users. Using log data, you can understand application activity all the way from client side front-end apps through to back-end components for fine-grained, per user tracking. Logentries offers an easy, real-time approach to monitoring and accessing valuable application usage data over time, with the option to drill into specific events or actions to uncover performance issues and usage trends such a popular features, UI activity and user engagement.

Get Started with Application Usage Analytics

  • Log from client apps or devices with client-side support for Javascript, IoS, Android, HTML5, pixel tracking; and server-side logging from any platform, and any format.
  • Log directly from the user’s browser to track user activity and to perform Real User Monitoring (RUM).
  • Monitor and analyze user activity and interactions with real-time data visualizations. For example, get a break down of feature usage by user.
  • Set-up real-time alerting and notifications based on usage levels, response times and other key SLAs.
  • Easily track marketing campaign activity with log-based pixel tracking.
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quote Managing a real-time news website requires that our Ops team is able to monitor and analyze performance, trends in user activity and user experience in real-time
Andrew Mullaney, CTO and Co-Founder, News Whip

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