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Centralized Log Data

Collect and Centralize Your Logs Into One Secure Location

Eliminate the complexity of managing log streams from distributed machines, network routers, firewalls, servers and applications. Logentries automatically collects and centralizes all of your log data in any format into one secure location where you can search, aggregate, and visualize log data to get answers to your questions, in seconds. Logentries offers options for both agent and agentless collection of logs. When problems occur, Logentries provides an aggregated live tail view to see what is happening across your logs, in real-time.

How to Get Started with Log Data Centralization

  • Automate collection of all log formats and types (application, database, security, system, etc), across multiple platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux, mobile) and cloud PaaS and IaaS services.
  • Consolidate all of your log events to a single, secure location.
  • Filter log streams in real-time to pinpoint exceptions and identify violations as they occur.
  • Index and search all of your log event data to conduct detailed forensics, investigations and discovery.
  • Easily and automatically configure for large or autoscaling environments.
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quote Our application is our business so we need to collect and analyze all logs from across our infrastructure in real-time. Because there is no additional configuration we have complete access to all of our logs in seconds.
Eskil Andreen, CTO, Wrapp

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