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Security & Compliance

Meet PCI & HIPAA Compliance & Auditing Requirements with Log Analysis

Logentries enables users to securely collect their log data for PCI or HIPAA compliance, and search, alert and report on it in real time. Users can quickly address a wide range of compliance requirements including log collection, review and retention, file integrity monitoring, and real-time reporting and alerting on potential violations. The Logentries DataHub also offers secure transport of log data as well as automatic identification and obfuscation of sensitive information that may exist in your logs. Logentries provides an additional layer of security to help assure that no sensitive information leaves your network.

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  • Set custom log retention policies and intervals to meet individual compliance and auditing requirements.
  • View and monitor log events via a centralized dashboard, and provide real-time reporting to key stakeholders.
  • Maintain a reliable copy of your logs and demonstrate data integrity on their events.
  • Scrub and obfuscate sensitive PII data from your logs before sending to Logentries so that no sensitive data leaves your network.
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quote Logentries provides out-of-the-box tagging and alerting to highlight and notify you when an important security event takes place.
Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist, AWS

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