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Find Out What Makes Logentries the Leading Real-time Log Management & Analytics Service.

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Simple Set-up

Get up and running in 5 minutes and add new logs with just a few clicks. Logentries offers universal platform integrations to support processing logs from any source, in any format.

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Aggregated Log Files

Collect and monitor all of your logs in one place. Select your log sets for an instant, aggregated view of all of your log events.

Live Tail Search and Monitoring

With aggregated live-tail search, you can filter logs in real-time, giving you instant, unrestricted visibility into user, application and system events as they occur.

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Easy-to-read Formats

JSON-structured logs can be viewed as flat log events or can be prettified to easily view event hierarchy.

Custom Tags for Any Event

Easily define the most important events for your team and identify them as they occur across your applications and systems with custom tags.

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Visualize Any Data Set

Convert any query into a data visualization for your dashboard. Choose from a wide range of graphing formats, including:

  • Radial gauge
  • Timeline bar chart
  • Line graph
  • Count chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Table view
  • And more…

Plus, export your data in JSON format to integrate with other tools like Hosted Graphite and Geckoboard.

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Time-box Your Results

Analyze and compare your data across any interval of time, from seconds to minutes to months.

Drill Down from High-level to Log-level

Click on any graphed data point to reveal correlated log events driving the trends you see.

Real-Time Alerts

Alert on Any Event, Anomaly or Inactivity

Create real-time alerts for any type of event, anomalous trend, or absence of expected event. Set matching frequency to specify exactly what should generate an alert.

Logentries’ real-time engine triggers alerts as soon as events occur, notifying you within seconds rather than minutes.

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Custom-defined Notifications

You have full control over the frequency of your alerts. Receive immediate alerts as events occur, or at set intervals.

Individual and Team Alerting

Create alerts for yourself, or easily set up groups for team-based notifications.

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Integrations with Your Favorite Tools

Send alerts via email, iPhone app or to your favorite team-based tools like Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, and more.

You can also send alerts to a webhook for easy customization.

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Learn how 35,000+ users tackle Dev & IT Ops challenges with real-time log data.

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