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Real-Time Search

Real-time monitoring and search gives you the power to search your log events as they occur for immediate insight and reliable resolution.

  • Aggregated Live-Tail Search
  • Custom Tags
  • Context View
Real-Time Search
Scale On-demand

Scale On-demand

Dynamically scale and adapt your data volume or infrastructure, regardless of size, format or environment.

  • Centralize and search across servers, apps and hosts
  • Cloud, container, and on-premise environments
  • Universal platform support
  • No automated overage penalties

Analytics & Visualization

Using your logs as data gives you the ability to identify key trends and correlate events across your systems.

  • SQL-like Query Language (LEQL)
  • Full RegEx Support
  • Visual Dashboards
Analytics and Visualizations

Alerting & Reporting

Always be the first to know when something important changes or breaks. Logentries’ real-time service ensures alerts and notifications trigger within seconds.

  • Pattern-Based Alerts
  • Chat Tool Integrations
  • Inactivity Alerts
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Anomaly Detection
  • User-defined Thresholds
Alerts & Reporting


Nothing is more important than your data security and protection. We make your security our top priority and give you tools to meet your compliance requirements.

  • Data Filtering & Obfuscation
  • PCI Compliance
  • TLS Encryption
  • Automated S3 Archiving
  • User Access Controls
  • Dynamic Log Routing

API & Integrations

The best tools work together. Logentries has integrations with the top chat and performance monitoring tools, along with an open API.

Universal Platform Support

You decide how you want to collect and manage your logs. Whichever way you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

  • Agent or Agentless
  • Platform integrations
  • Libraries
  • Structured or Unstructured Data
Unlimited Platform Support


Logentries offers a global support team when you want to talk to someone and comprehensive resources when you don’t.

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