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Analytics & Visualizations

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Using your logs as data is at the heart of what makes Logentries so powerful. With universal log format support and a SQL-based query language (LEQL), you can analyze your logs to identify key trends and correlations to reveal previously hidden or undiscovered insights.

A Query Language You’ll Recognize

SQL-Like Query Language (LEQL)

Based on SQL, the Logentries Query Language (LEQL) is an easy to use and powerful tool that empowers you to perform advanced calculations like average, sum, min, max or percentile(). ​sort() your results, specify by timeslice() and more.

Full RegEx Support

Sometimes you want to search for patterns rather than specific keywords. Logentries offers full support of regular expressions, accessible directly in the search bar.

RegEx Named Capture Groups

You can analyze unstructured data with RegEx field extraction directly within your queries. Regular expressions enable you to GROUPBY values extracted from strings of text.

Data Visualizations For Analytics

Your logs include information that can be used for Debugging, Server Monitoring, Security Compliance and more. Visualizing your log data enables trend and correlation analysis while making it easy to share insights with team members.


Graphical dashboards create powerful data visualization for log analytics. Produce multi-line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, histograms and more. Already using another graphing tool? You can export your dashboards to Hosted Graphite and Geckoboard with one click.

Looking to turn your logs into data you can query, correlate and graph?