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API & Integrations

API & Integrations

Get your work done even faster with the Logentries REST API. Automate reports, alerts, user management, integrations and more.

Automate & Extend with Robust APIs


Programmatically query your log data for raw logs, calculation results or data ready for visualization.

REST User Management API

Easily add, remove and modify account users, create teams and restrict access.

REST Alerting API

Quickly create tags and set alerts to call your attention to important events.

Export to Visualize & Amplify Log Data

Export to Visualize

Seamlessly export your log data in real time to Hosted Graphite, Geckoboard, Kafka and other services with the open source tool LeExportPy.

Increase Efficiency with LE CLI

Logentries CLI

With the open source Logentries Command Line Interface (CLI), nothing can slow you down. The CLI wraps all of our REST APIs putting the full power of Logentries right at your fingertips.

Integrate with Tools You Already Use

Send Logentries alerts to team workflow tools like Slack and PagerDuty in real time so your team can respond immediately.

See how Logentries can improve your team’s existing workflow.