Real-time Inactivity Alerting

Inactivity Alerting

Know about events that do not occur with Inactivity Alerting

Logentries Inactivity Alerting monitors incoming log events and patterns to ensure that your critical systems and applications are still running as expected – like a heart beat. Logentries users know right away if application components suddenly fail; if credit cards are not being processed; or if website traffic halts unexpectedly, all within seconds. With Inactivity Alerting, users can create real-time notifications based on the absence of expected events or a shift in system behavior patterns in order to identify and resolve the issue before it develops further.

Using Logentries Inactivity Alerting, you can: 
  • Monitor specific incoming log events and patterns, and receive real-time alerts on inactivity or system behavior changes.
  • Monitor systems for server performance issues, failed processes or configuration issues based on a string or pattern of log event
  • Monitor application availability 24/7.