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Set-up in Less Than 5 Minutes

Agent or Agentless

Simplify and automate your log collection with the Logentries agent for a wide variety of operating systems and distributions, including Linux, Windows, Mac, CoreOS, and SmartOS. Or, choose an agentless approach like Syslog or LogStash.

Platform Integrations

Integrations with platforms like AWS, Azure, Heroku, Docker, Fastly and more make it easy to log from any platform with just a few clicks.


Logging directly from your application is achievable with one of Logentries’ many libraries. All popular languages, like Java, Ruby, and .NET are supported.

Any Data in Any Structure

Structured or Unstructured Data

Whether your logs are formatted neatly in JSON or as unstructured text files, Logentries can ingest any data format for search and analysis.

Ready to start monitoring your logs from any source in just 5 minutes?