Logentries’ Nagios Plug-in via Shinken

Logentries Nagios Plug-in via Shinken

Access historical system performance data and visualize over time to quickly identify persistent issues

The Logentries and Nagios Plug-in via Shinken, offers a historical view of critical log data that is otherwise not captured in the standard Nagios monitoring framework. By integrating with Logentries, Nagios and Shinken users can log system data over time, and visualize it to get better visibility into historical trends and ongoing issues. Logentries offers real-time monitoring dashboards, with the ability to immediately drill into the Shinken and Nagios log data to understand the specific events and context involved.

Using Logentries’ Nagios Plug-in via Shinken, you can:
  • Monitor and analyze historical Shinken and Nagios log data.
  • Identify trends in health check data over time.
  • Set-up real-time alerting on specific events, trends or anomalies in key server metrics.
  • Archive and segment all log data to S3 for long term storage.