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Real-Time Search

realtime search feature hero

With Logentries, real-time search means searching your log events as they occur, not minutes later, for immediate and reliable results.

Tail Your Logs With Ease

Aggregated Live Tail Search

Tail all of your aggregated log files from one location in real-time. Live Tail mode enables you to search a live stream of your log events as they occur for up-to-the-second monitoring and troubleshooting.

Dig in Deeper

Understanding Context

Once you’ve queried your logs to filter for significant events, use the Context button to unfilter surrounding events to understand what occurred before and after, and identify root cause.

Custom Tags

With custom tags, it’s easy to identify the events that are the most meaningful to you and your team. Custom tags act as visual markers within your log stream and timeline.

Want to tail logs from distributed sources in one central location?