Dynamic Tagging and Real-time Alerts

Real-time Tags & Alerts

Customized, real-time tags and alerts 

Logentries users can easily create automated, custom tags based on search criteria. Tags only take seconds to create and are automatically applied to logs coming into the Logentries service and highlighted in the log view.

Tags contain custom terms that enable easy searching and filtering for events that matter the most to your business (e.g. fatal errors, 404s, sales transactions.) Real-time Alerts are built using these custom tags and set to notify you and your team based on specific thresholds and preferences (e.g. up to 100 times/hour.) Users can select to be notified with real-time Alerts via text, PagerDuty, HipChat, Campfire, and other webhook APIs.

Using the Logentries Tags and Alerts, you can:
  • Pre-define important, prioritized search terms that are monitored and tracked as logs enter the Logentries service.
  • Build real-time alerting and notifications using specific tags and user-defined thresholds.
  • Easily integrate with existing monitoring and alerting tools using the Logentries Open API.