Automatic Amazon S3 Log Archiving

S3 Archiving

Logentries S3 archiving with AWS

Enables you to back-up your log data daily to long-term and cost effective triple redundancy storage in a SOC 2 compliant data center. This archiving capability is useful for compliance (e.g. PCI), security or just in case you need to access your logs at some point in the future.

With Logentries S3 AWS Archiving, you can:
  • Centralize and upload all log files/entries that have come into your account on a daily basis.
  • Automatically compress them to minimize your storage requirements and then back them up to your Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Get up and running in seconds – simply designate your S3 bucket for storage and Logentries will automatically sync your log data.
  • Rely on Amazon’s secure and scalable infrastructure for storage and retrieval.