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Your data’s security is our top priority. With encryption policies, tools for keeping your sensitive data on-premises and User Access Controls, you have full control over your data.

Full Control Over What Data Leaves Your Environment

Data Filtering & Obfuscation

You have full control over what information gets sent to Logentries. With Logentries DataHub, you can filter-out sensitive information or set specific data to hash values before sending it to Logentries.

Data Lock Browser Extension

With Logentries’ Data Lock Chrome Browser Extension, authorized users can reveal hashed values from their browser without sensitive information ever leaving their local environment.

TLS Encryption

Logentries uses TLS encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Access Control Lists For Managing Users

User Access Controls

Logentries offers User Access Controls, giving you full authority over which individuals or groups have access to your log files.

Policies to Help You Maintain Compliance

PCI Compliance

Thanks to our log aggregation, search, alerting, retention and data obfuscation tools, Logentries can help you meet your log-related PCI standards..

Automated S3 Archiving

Automatically send log files to an Amazon S3 bucket for long-term storage. With Logentries DataHub, you can re-ingest data stored in S3 from any moment in time.

Meet your security and compliance needs by…