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Real-time Log Stream Analytics

As you stream your logs into the Logentries’ service, they are analyzed and processed in real-time providing insight within seconds. Unlike traditional approaches, your log streams are tagged, processed and analyzed as they are sent, enabling immediate alerting and visualization of all of your log events. This proprietary structure enables you to filter, route and visualize all of your log data in one place, in real-time.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

  • Monitor live streaming log data and filter in real time.
  • In one click, get a full-context view of each event across your apps, servers and devices.
  • Automatically filter, route and monitor events for important exceptions.
Real-time Alerting

Real-time Alerting

  • Know when important events occur and when they do not occur with customized alerting on any type of log event, including exceptions, website conversions and user experience metrics.
  • Mitigate potential problems or impending performance issues with immediate notifications when system behavior changes or anomalies occur.
Real-time Connections

Real-time Connections

  • Connect your teams, systems and global data with Team Annotations and get easy access to log analysis and information.
  • Send real-time notifications to your entire team via email, text or web hooks (with PagerDuty, HipChat) to determine next steps on how to resolve issues quickly.

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