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Linux Packs 1

The Linux Packs provide enhanced visibility into Linux OS (Ubuntu 12 and newer) logs with saved queries, real-time alerting and visualizations.

Syslog Pack for Ubuntu

The Syslog Pack features the native Ubuntu 14 & Ubuntu 12 logging capabilities and can be used to analyze log files for authentication, boot, kernel and system logs.

The Logentries Syslog Pack users provides out of the box components for:

  • Saved Queries: The Syslog Packs comes with pre-defined searches to identify and troubleshoot network issues, user activity, and other system information such as session details and log-in attempts.
  • Tags and Alerts: This pack come with out-of-the-box Tags for network troubleshooting, early warning tags, and potential security breaches.
  • Dashboards: Data visualizations in this Pack include graphs based on saved queries for troubleshooting, server monitoring, and user activity analysis.

- Logentries Account - Don't have a Logentries Account? Sign up for a free account

You can contribute to the contents of this Pack or submit a new pack by creating a GitHub Pull Request.
- Please see the GitHub Repository here:
- For instructions on how to create and format packs please see the documentation.

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