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AIM for Success with Logentries and Tableau

Tableau is all about leveraging data to support the organization in the decision making process. This can be considered a crucial piece of a company’s ability to function. It is only natural then that the tools to support it need to be monitored and acted upon when necessary. Logentries is a strong partner for Tableau to ensure Tableau is there to support the organization when it is needed. This whitepaper reviews the key pillars of the ideal Tableau stack: alerting, integration, and monitoring.

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ELK Stack Costs

The ELK Stack is the current preferred stack for do-it-yourself (DIY) logging. It is generally thought to be composed of three software packages: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. The truth is that a successful ELK Stack implementation requires a great deal more than those three technologies. Even with the best of community support, DIY logging with the ELK Stack will have surprises and unexpected costs. This paper will point out some of the less well understood requirements of a robust DIY ELK Stack.

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Integrating Logentries With .NET – The How and Why

Application logging provides valuable insight, affording visibility into end user interactions, overall health and performance of your network application stack.

This paper details how to integrate the Logentries service into a .Net application. The whitepaper discusses the underlying nature of how logging into the Logentries system works. The paper explores how to install, configure, and use the most common .Net logging frameworks with Logentries.

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15 Events to Log for Better DevOps

The emergence of complex and highly distributed IT infrastructures created the need for planning and process automation that DevOps grew to satisfy. However, DevOps seems to have plateaued at IT performance, with little written to date on how the principles of DevOps are being applied outside of IT’s own department. This white paper provides real examples of metrics that can bring good DevOps practices to many major departments, including:

Sales Team, Customer Success Team, Product Team, Marketing Team and the Data Science Team.

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How to Compare Google Compute Engine & AWS EC2

In recent years, Google and Amazon have become industry leaders in the IaaS market providing two excellent cloud-based virtual machine products.

This white paper will give you an overview of IaaS and compare several components of Google Compute Engine and Amazon Web Services EC2 to help you decide which service is right for you.

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Using Logs to Address Compliance Standards

Many regulatory compliances include requirements for how IT data should be collected, analyzed, and stored securely. So how should log data be managed to meet these compliance standards? And what should you be looking for in log management tools used for compliance purposes?

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Using Log Data Streams for Real-Time Analytics 4 Common Use Cases

In this article we explore four use cases that exemplify why real-time analytics are critical to performance and user experience, highlighting key capabilities that enable real- time analytics in each layer of your system or application.

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